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CCK Local - Your Family Grocer

 「CCK Local」 was established in Kuching, Citymall and initially introduced imported foods to meet the needs of locals. We are a fresh food supermarket that provides unique with quality and value products. Completely new feeling, pleasurable, comfortable, comtemporary shopping environment. We offering the most famous brands, quality food and imported fruits, vegetables, meats, seafoods and other food ingredients. This is the first supermarket established by CCK group. We aimed to become a high quality supermarket, drive good shopping trends and create more refined lifestyle for local customers. 

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Come and enjoy the different shopping experience during nightime. 


Well designed ceiling combine LED lightings, uniqueness of vegetable shelves and frozen foods storage to drive a good shopping experience for our customers. 


 Absolutely fresh produce vegetables.


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There are plenty of daily fresh tosted breads, buns and swiss rolls whcih are available.

Operation hours:Monday~Sunday 09:00–22:00 (Open in public holiday)