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Food Processing

Food Safety

C.S. Choice Food Industries Sdn. Bhd. produces and markets Beef burger patties, Chicken burger patties, and Chicken Frankfurters. The company operates as a subsidiary of CCK Consolidated Holdings Bhd and based in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.

Our company is committed to produce burger, and frankfurter that are safe for human consumption through the following policy:

- Consistently meet our customer’s requirement and ensure compliance to current statutory and regulatory requirements for food safety and quality.

- Strive to ensure working environment is hygienic and clean perpetually.Continuous improvement in our processes and food safety management system.

Therefore, we are striving to do better, by devoted to train, develop, and support our employees to improve upon ongoing standards. Thus, enabling the realization of their full potential to ensure the operation runs at highest standards for the improvement of food safety and effective maintenance of Food Safety System.

Food Safety Objectives

The quality and safety of our products are our top priorities. Our company is fully committed in producing high quality and Halal-compliant product to the customer.

In order to provide only the best quality products to our customers, we are pledged in ensuring that the superior quality of every product is consistently maintained. This can be achieved through quality checks by our personnel round the clock and closely monitor product quality at every stage of production.

We have established Food Safety Team to embed the food safety guideline and regulations, extending it to our workplace practices in order to achieve the following objectives & target:

-Comply with all applicable Food Safety and Regulatory Compliance requirements with no withdrawal due to food hazards issue per annum.

- Complete understanding and meet our customer’s application requirements with not more than 2 written complaints per annum.